5 Simple Items To Elevate Your Wardrobe

I feel like I always want one more thing in my closet. One more purse will change everything. One more blouse will change my whole wardrobe. But that’s never been true. So I started to really look at what I already have and notice the pieces that I have that always make me feel like I’m stepping up my fashion game. So keep reading if you want to know how to elevate your own wardrobe!

A Neutral Blazer

A neutral blazer is a great way to add another level to your outfit. Blazers always make me feel like I’m a classy business lady and I love it. We’ve all got a black blazer but switching it out for a neutral color brightens everything up.

Flared Pants

So flattering. So retro. So chic. Flared pants are a cut that looks great on everyone, and you manage to find a high waisted pair like these it’s even better.


I love a good bootie. But a good fun colored or patterned bootie!? Count me in! A nice boot can elevate any look. Especially a basic t-shirt and jeans look. For example, add on a red boot to a white shirt and a pair of jeans and you’ll be set.


I’ve heard over and over again that people don’t think they can pull off a hat. I think that’s BULL. If you are one of those people, you probably just haven’t worn a lot of hats. It’s just something you need to get used to! Just try it out. Widen your horizons. Enjoy it!

A Good Bag

I love me a good purse. And one with a fun pattern is even better. And a backpack is the best. I love this bag because it fits all of my stuff and then some. It was a gift from my mom but  you can find a similar one here.

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