Milan Fashion Week 2018

We’re almost through the month friends! Milano Fashion Week is all wrapped up and we are already underway in Paris.

One of the biggest themes or trends to come out of fashion week in Milan was sports wear.
Not just any sportswear though, a glam twist on sportswear and athleisure wear. There were a lot of very glam suits paired with sandals, and a lot of gorgeous dressed paired with sneakers Slouchy suits and layered looks were all over the place.
I especially loved the Iceberg collection. It was a great mix of comfy and glam. AKA lots of sweatshirts and lots of sequins.
I think my favorite show was Moschino. Jeremy Scott already had a show in NYFW for his self titled brand. But he also managed to put this collection together for Moschino and it blew me away. The suit and hat combinations were breathtaking, the hand drawn “squiggles” made it feel like a 2 dimensional drawing come to life.
But the real stars of this show were the looks that were fashion tools brought to life. the idea of a roll of fabric as a train is so inspired and amazing, I can’t get enough.
I’ll meet you in Paris….
xo Sally

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