That Pink Door

Over the holidays, I went on a little family vacation to Palm Springs. While I was there, my amazingly talented cousin told me about this pink door that had become a popular spot for instagram pictures. (You can find some of my cousins other work on her website

According to an article from the Desert Sun, Moises Esquenazi, an interior designer in New York is responsible for the pink door. He is quoted as saying, “It was very dramatic and some people were shocked. I think there was talk in the neighborhood at the time to make us change it. …  I thought after painting it pink that I would get tired of it, but as time went on, it just became part of the house and people would know the house by the door.”


So my cousin and I took some time one afternoon to check out this door. It’s really just a random house in the middle of a normal looking suburb but damn does that pink door stand out! We spotted it immediately, pulled over and started taking some pictures. After 20 minutes and an outfit change (and a little trip across the street to check out another cool house) we said goodbye to the pink door and went back to the family vacation.

The one thing I wish is that I could see the interior of the house too…



Until next time,

xoxo Sally

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