Are they pants?




I got these pants from Forever 21 almost a year ago for a trip to Florida. They are one the my most favoritest things that I own. It’s like wearing an optical illusion. Are they pants?! Is is a skirt?! YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!

I don’t think that they sell them anymore, but you I searched for “Wide Let Pants” and there’s a lot of options! Click here to jump to that search page.

The shirt is from Brandy Melville and it’s very versatile. Off the shoulder tops and dressed are super trendy right now and I think that they’re going to be a very popular trend for the rest of the summer as well.

The sunnies are from Amazon and I actually am not sure what brand they are! But my co-worker found them and then six of us bought them. Whoops!

Until next time friends 🙂

xoxo Sally



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