Roe v Wade / Body Acceptance / Brain Dump

Friday June 24th was a devastating day. Our supreme court decided that women no longer have the right to choose what happens to our bodies. I spent the weekend crying and confused and furious. How could this happen in a country that prides itself on freedom? Freedom for who? Certainly not women. Or anyone in the LGBTQ+ community. Or POC. How can I possibly think about anything else when this is happening?

Then on Sunday, I had a beach day with friends. It was glorious and warm and the water was perfect. And for a day I forgot about the absolute sh*tstorm going on in the world. It was a good reminder that even if there are horrible things going on and action that needs to be taken, it’s okay to take some time for yourself. To enjoy the beautiful things in this world before we stand up and fight.

As I was reflecting on our awesome day at the beach, I had a wonderful realization that the only time I thought about how my body looked was when I was expressing to a friend that I didn’t care anymore. 

And she expressed the same. We talked about things we used to be self conscious about that no longer bother us. Stretch marks, bikini sizes, body shape. And it made me realize that she had felt the same things I had about my body. With social media now, we can find others all around the world who we can relate to. Body image, political beliefs etc. But because of this massive network of people, of strangers, I forgot to have conversations like that with many of my friends. 

After a long weekend of emotional exhaustion from the Roe v Wade reversal, it was nice to know that there is some kind of control we can have over our bodies. I can do my best to control how I view my body. I can choose to accept mine the way it is. 

And I can choose to fight for others to have their own choices. 


xo Sally

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