Met Gala 2022 Review

The Met Gala is finally back where it belongs on the first Monday in May. I watched it all so you didn’t have to 🙂

The Coverage

OKAY. Vogue had their own online coverage and E had coverage on TV. Neither channel had a comprehensive enough coverage so I had to have both on. I personally am not a fan of the hosts on E. The only one with signifiant input is Zanna Rassi and they don’t let her talk enough so we watched that coverage on mute. Vogues coverage is more comprehensive but I’d much rather see all of the looks entering and transforming that watching someone poorly interview someone for 10 minutes. In the last few years Vogue has chosen hosts who are popular rather than informed. Which is totally fine! Give everyone a chance to get on a carpet and improve but I am here to see the fashion and the stories of the collaborations, designer choices and the designs. Just give them a little more training. Also every interview station needs to have a camera that can pan full body and an interviewer who can ask the right questions. 

Understanding the Theme

“The evening’s dress code was inspired by the Gilded Age, the 30-year period at the end of the 19th-century that saw skyrocketing wealth for industrialist families in the US and over-the-top fashion for New York City’s upper crust.” -CNN

I’m not sure if I misunderstand the theme or if all of the guests did but there was a miscommunication somewhere. The dress code on the invites was “gilded glamour and white tie.” The gala was drawing inspiration from the gilded age of New York. If you’re going to have a themed event then it should not be left up to interpretation so freely. 

That being said, there were a few people who were on theme:

Blake Lively – base her look off of the statue of liberty. Her outfit changed from bronze to turquoise to show the patina effect on old structures and buildings in NY

Billie Eilish – her look was based off a portraitby john singer sargent from 1885

Ben Platt – A menswear corset with gilded nails, i love it

Moschino – as a crew they nailed it. Gold, gilded just enough over the top. loved it. 

Cardi B and Lena Waithe – Two fantastic looks from Versace. Donatella is the queen of perfected over the top gold look so its no surprise she nailed it. 

Lizzo – A twist on a corset with w gilded coat. complete with perfect hair and makeup and a gold flute. nailed it. 

Sebastian Stan

That’s all

Kim K…

The original gown was created by french costume designer Jean Louis and was based off of a sketch by the legendary designer Bob Mackie who was an employee at the time. 

I have a lot of thoughts on this one so buckle up. 

While I can absolutely appreciate and understand the significance of the dress she chose to wear, her choice to share that she lost so much weight in such a short time was unnecessary and damaging. And although the dress and the moment is iconic, I think the icon status is overshadowed by the mention of weight loss. 

Kim Kardashian arguably has the most famous figure in the world and if she is telling the public that she needs to lose weight then what is that telling a young girl who is already struggling with her image? Kims body is a goal for many people and her announcing to the world that she lost 16 pounds in 3 weeks can give someone the mentality of “if she can do it, I can too.” Especially someone who already looks up to her and her body. Telling young impressionable women that Kim Kardashian is losing weight that fast is harmful in ways she might not be able to comprehend. Then to show eating pizza and donuts afterwards as a reward is just as damaging. It can show that weight loss and exercise are meant to be rewarded. That if you starve yourself and over exercise to reach your goal weight, you can eat pizza and donuts and then still look like Kim Kardashian. 

Also reproductive rights for women to a HUGE hit yesterday. That in combination with all of the diet and body image talk is about 10 major steps backwards for women everywhere.

Click here to donate to Planned Parenthood

Looking back on what I just wrote, it might seem as though I didn’t enjoy the experience this year. But I really did! I just think that because many people didn’t nail the theme it was harder to find exciting things to talk about. Plus the Roe v Wade news and the Kim Kardashian diet overshadowed a lot of the evening. But in any case, I enjoyed the fashion as I always do and I will be back next year!!

xo, Sally

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