Ignoring Diet Ads

Hello friends, 

Long time no talk 🙂 Just popping in for a few thoughts on Diet Ads.

We are in the middle of March, spring doesn’t technically start for 4 more days. I have already been seeing ads for spring break diets and achieving the perfect summer bikini body and I’m sure you have too. They used to make me feel bad about myself, to feel like I needed to lose weight before summer. But now they just piss me off. 

I spent years dieting and having a goal weight and waiting to lose weight so that my life could finally start. I can’t tell you what exactly changed, there’s no magic formula or trick or “how to” program. But I did make a conscious effort to avoid the dieting culture as much as possible. 

Obviously it is not as easy as just “ignoring” the diet ads and summer body threats. I didn’t wake up one day and just decide to not care. There are still many days where I do care. but everyday I wake up and try to have a good body image day. Everyday I make a choice to not let the negative self talk take over. Every day is a fight with myself and the society I live in. To be happy. To not care. To show up to life in the most authentic way possible. And some days I don’t win. Some days I struggle to get dressed because all of a sudden everything I own looks bad. But the more I try to have a good day then the more good days I have. 

To make an extremely long story short, if you see a diet ad or something you don’t like on your social media, instead of scrolling past it, you can tell the app/algorithm that you aren’t interested. 

You are perfect just the way you are. Wearing a bikini on your body makes it a bikini body.

See you on the beach friends 

xo Sally

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