Amazon Favorites

Just in time for TWO days of deals on Amazon I thought I would share a quick post of some of my recent favorites!


These three items will become the base for my summer wardrobe. This JUMPSUIT fits SO WELL. The tie around the waist is so cute and I love the sheer sleeves. As someone with a larger chest, finding a low v-neck that doesn’t make me look like a playboy model is near impossible but this one is perfect! The CITRUS DRESS is so comfortable and I love that you can adjust the tie straps yourself. The GREEN FLORAL DRESS is so cute and perfect for a Sunday brunch! Plus all three of these have other color options!


If you’ve been following me for a while you have 100% seen me wearing this LIME GREEN BIKINI. I love the high waist and strapless top (plus neon makes you look tanner). This WHITE COVER UP is a new addition to my wardrobe but its so flowy and comfortable. Pairs perfectly with the RED ONCE PIECE and a pair of jean shorts.


Let me introduce you to my new favorite OVERSIZED SUNGLASSES. Perfect for travel (or a hangover lol). This MAKEUP BAG is also a perfect travel accessory. It has space for makeup and makeup brushes on one side and then a jewelry organizer on the other side! I also love this BACKPACK PURSE. It’s the perfect size, not too big but big enough to fit everything you need.


We love a good set of comfies and the ones on amazon are pretty great. I have THREE pairs of the Yunoga leggings and let me tell you, it is still not enough. The shorts with pockets are perfect for a day spent at home and I love the cropped jacket for a stylish little run to the market.


Well the secret is out…I. LOVE. SHOES. I have too many and I keep buying more and I couldn’t care less. I found a near perfect dupe for air force ones that I bought 3 pairs of (in 2 colors). I also found a great option for high top converse. And those snakeskin boots are incredible comfortable and perfect for a night out that involves a bit of walking. Check them out!


This TANK TOP….what can I even say. My goal is to own it in every color. Super comfortable, super cute, and the neckline is very flattering. BUY THEM ALL.

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