5 Self Care Galentines Day Activities

Self care is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It’s a term we hear a lot but sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to put it into action. 

Since this weekend is Galentine’s Day and we can’t celebrate in person with our gal pals, here’s a list of a few things you can do to keep your spirits up and reset your soul. Enjoy!

1. Spa Day (or even just an hour!)

Grab a face mask, pour yourself a mimosa and relaxxx. I might be extra, but I like to make a little schedule. I’ll throw on a movie I’ve seen a million times (I’d like to suggest the Brandy and Whitney Houston Cinderella since it is now on Disney+). I’ll plan to paint my nails first so that they can dry while I have a face mask on and then sit back and finish the movie with a lil glass of wine. 


When I feel overwhelmed or overtired, I like to binge watch things that I have already seen. That way there’s no anxiety or stress about what might or might not happen. It also helps if it’s a feel good show. Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, The Good Place, Grace and Frankie, Derry Girls, etc. (Also if you haven’t seen any of those shows, drop everything and watch them.)

3. Virtual Game Night

If you’ve gone through this pandemic without using the House Party app or playing Among Us you are truly missing out. House Party is basically like FaceTime with games. You can play with only 2 people or add more if you want. If you ever played Mafia growing up, then you’ve basically played Among Us. My friends and I will use Discord for a voice call and play but you can use a regular phone call as well. I would recommend playing Among Us with no less than 6 people. 

4. Order Take Out

The other day I didn’t want to cook so I ordered take out. But I really treated myself. Main course, side dish, dessert and a drink. Spend a little extra money, treat yo self, and stuff your face. I promise you won’t regret it. 

5. Make Something

Some people don’t find sitting still relaxing. If this is you, then you should try to make something. Cook, bake, tie dye, make some art for you walls. Trying something new is great form of self care. Expanding your skill set and your brain is just as important as skin care! 

I hope these ideas help you to kick start a little self love and self care this weekend. 

Happy Galentine’s Day everyone!

xoxo, Sally

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