New Year, Same Me

Happy 2021 friends!

I know we’re only a few days into the year and A LOT has happened. Usually I’m all about New Years Eve, parties and sparkles and champagne. The hope that the next year is going to be the best one ever. But then we all lived through 2020. Then, this past NYE was one of the worst days of that year. And suddenly, marking a new year feels pointless. Seeing it as just another day on the calendar seems to make everything easier.

I didn’t make a real list of any resolutions or intentions. Because the last time I did that, I forgot what they were until I looked it up. So this year, I’m just living life. Maybe one week I’ll set a goal to write a certain amount of blog posts. Maybe one month will be a month full of reading. Who knows! The possibilities are endless and that’s what makes it fun!

One thing I am going to do is continue to be honest on social media. Not just with editing photos but with how I’m feeling and what my life truly looks like. And for a lot of the past year, my life has been spent in my room, in my house in comfy clothes, eating yummy food. So here’s me doing that:

Oh and here’s me doing that while I yell at Jeopardy:

This post is definitely not my most thought out or well written but honestly it’s more for me than anyone else. I’m using this post as a way to hold myself accountable. Being honest with myself and the rest of the world.

So here’s to another 12 months around the sun. We can get through it together.



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