Let’s Talk About Body Terminology

There are so many terms about our bodies that we hear on a regular basis. I’m not talking about scientific terms or anything like that. I mean the terms that diet culture has created to negatively describe the human form. The terms used to get someone to buy into a diet that has promised to change their bodies “for the better.” UGH.

Rolls, Hip dips, Double chin, Thigh gaps. These terms and more are constantly used to describe how bodies are less than or how they can be improved. To explain how this diet or that workout plan will help you to eradicate the unwanted terms and strive for the wanted.

Unfortunately, I do not believe there will ever be a world in which these terms do not exist. There will always be people who want to profit on others insecurities and self doubt.

However, I am on a one woman campaign to take back these terms. I came to this idea after thinking about one of my favorite body terms. Thigh brow. The moment I heard this word I fell in love. First of all, it’s hilarious. It is meant to describe the creases at the top of your legs, like the eyebrow of the lower body. In thinking about this particular term, I realized that (at least in my mind) there is no negative ideas associated with this. If you have legs, you have thigh brows. End of story. So why can’t we see the rest of the terminology like this?

Yes I have belly rolls, but wow how lucky am I to have a belly that keeps me fed and alive.

Hip dips? I’ve got those too, and they keep my legs attached to my body and boy am I grateful for those.

Double chin? Yeah I have one at some angles, but that’s genetic. And I love my family so why shouldn’t I love my chin that ties me to them? (We call it the “Gilles Chin” in my family)

Thigh gap? A ridiculous descriptor meant to make women with curves and strong things feel less than. I don’t have a thigh gap, but I have STRONG legs that allow me move around the world and explore.

So join me, if you will, in taking back the negative terminology that surrounds us. Remember how much your body has done for you in your lifetime. And never forget to love yourself.

xo Sally

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