2019 Thanksgiving/Birthday Outfits

Let me start off this post by saying I was a bad blogger this week. I didn’t take pictures of HALF of the outfits I wore. I was just too busy having a good time I guess!

ALSO, all of these outfits are all under $40! AND EVERYTHING IS FROM AMAZON. Let’s jump in 🙂


This is one of the ones I don’t have a photo for lol. My birthday was on Thanksgiving day this year so my family had a little celebration for me the Wednesday before. BUT it was super cute I promise!

This is the only surviving photo from the night I wore it:


This was my outfit for Thanksgiving dinner. I own this tank top in THREE colors. They are so flattering and comfortable and go with EVERYTHING. I thought the copper color was a perfect color for the holidays.


(Another no picture outfit)

I wore this outfit to a Friendsgiving last weekend and felt so cute! I paired it with a white coat and white Adidas sneakers and it was perfect!


This was my outfit for my birthday party!


I got the blazer at one of the Forever 21’s that was shutting down but the top was an Amazon purchase! (DUH) Here’s a close up:

Thank you for reading! Here are the links to everything mentioned above!

xo Sally

Clothing Links:

Party Links:

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