DIY Cloud Costume

I wanted to do something a little more original for my costume this year. So I did a little searching and found a few things I loved! But I ultimately landed on being a cloud.

I found these two images for inspiration and sort of did a combination of the two.

I got my materials from Amazon, Joanns and Michaels. I took photos of my process and although they aren’t the best I thought I would write a DIY post in case anyone else wanted to try out this costume 🙂

What You’ll Need:

White Skirt and Bandeau

Rainbow Ribbon

Face Gems

Pillow stuffing – Joanns

Sparkly Elastic – Joanns

Wooden bag – Michaels

Velcro – Michaels

STEP 1: Cut The Ribbon

Decide how long you want your skirt to be and cut a length of ribbon to use as a measuring tape. I needed 4 sets of each color to make it around my waist. Also measure your waist with the elastic and cut accordingly!

Step 2: Sew Ribbon

Attach the ribbon onto the elastic. Easy peasy!

Step 3: Prepare Your Clouds

Use the Amazon box that your items came in and cut out 2 cloud shapes. Use the scraps to reinforce anywhere that the cardboard was folded. Grab some white tape and wrap the edges (you don’t want to get cut!) then use the tape to fill in the cardboard. You can also paint it but I was short on time.

Step 4: Glue Those Clouds Together

Get some hot glue and start glueing! I did the outline first and then filled in the middle. I started out thin and then added 2 or 3 more layers.

Step 5: Try It On!

When making your own costume you MUST try it on in the middle of the mess. It is positively mandatory!


It is perfectly acceptable to stop here. (DUH) But I realized that I was planning on wearing this to a party and I’d have nowhere for my phone or keys! So naturally, I just made myself a matching bag! I didn’t take photos of the process but it’s super simple:

Cut more lengths of ribbon and glue them along the bottom edge of your wooden purse. Then start glueing on the pillow stuffing just like you did for your cloud! And that’s it!

The Final Look

I threw my hair into some fluffy buns, added a rainbow of gems to my face, bathed in glitter and I was all set! I also had these PERFECT gold boots. Like gold at the end of the rainbow…GET IT?! But I think it would have worked just as well with some white sneakers.

I hope you all enjoyed this little DIY project!

Until next time,

xoxo Sally

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