Past Halloween Looks

In case you’re looking for a little bit of inspiration for your Halloween costume this year, here is a roundup of some of my looks from the past! The first 5 are looks you can do with clothes/a costume and the second 5 are makeup looks! Enjoy 🙂

Rachel from Friends

I printed out the “Coffee Perk” logo and safety pinned it to an apron that I had. Then all you have to do is wear a miniskirt, grab a coffee mug, and you’re good to go!

Sandy from Grease (feat. DJ Skinner from Full House)

Got an off the shoulder black top and some leather pants? Then throw those bad boys on with some red lipstck and hit the town! This Halloween, I celebrated with my friend Zosha who dressed up as DJ from Full House. She had this killer vest that we built her costume around. We added a white t-shirt and a scrunchie and it was perfection!

Trendy Unicorn

This one was a little more intense in terms of costuming because I already had this wig and I made the unicorn horn and tail. You can get a similar wig on Amazon. The headband is just styrofoam covered in felt and ribbon and the tail is ribbon on a safety pin.

Liberty Belle

Last year, my best friend let me choose our costumes. So I chose the gals from GLOW! I was Liberty Belle and she way Zoya the Destroya. I already had an American flag leotard so it was easy! A few sweatbands and some major 80’s hair and we were there!

Comic Book / Art Pop

I saw a few looks like this on Pinterest and decided to give it a go! It really was not as complicated as you might think. The most important part is making sure that all of the highlights are in the right place.

Party Animal

Lauren Conrad did this with some friends for Halloween in 2015 and I was totally obsessed. Her version was a little less makeup heavy, but with the help of YouTube and Pinterest I found some inspiration. First, just over exaggerate your contouring on your cheeks, nose and hairline. Then add a nose with a similar color to the contour. Throw on some white spots and you’re done! (I also added some spots and contouring onto my shoulders which is a little hard to see from these photos.)

Violet Beauregarde

I copied this look from Ellie Addis. (Who is a wizard and you should all follow her on Instagram). I found colored eyeliner pens on Amazon, used purple eyeshadow for my nose and drew on the veins! A very low effort/high impact kind of look.

Classic Skull

I am SUPER proud of this one. I sat down in front of my mirror having no idea if it would work or not. And I was very surprised and pleased at the way it turned out. If I were to do it again (which I probably will…) I would add some highlights to the cheek contour and add some black in-between the teeth to make them pop. But for a first try this ain’t half bad!

I hope this helped you to find some inspiration for Halloween this year! Be safe out there kids!

xoxo Sally

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