Wedding Etiquette: Tips To Be The Best Guest You Can Be!

1. If you RSVP, Show UP!

First of all, RSVP on time. There’s a deadline for a reason! But also, the number of RSVP’s that the couple receives determined the guest count which determines how much money will be spent on food and alcohol. Which is easily the most expensive part of a wedding. And once the guest count is submitted, money can’t be refunded, so for every person who doesn’t show, the couple is losing money. It is also okay to respectfully decline an invite. You should never feel obligated just because you were invited. But if you do RSVP (unless there is an emergency situation preventing you from going) you need to keep to your word and show up.

2. Don’t Wear White (unless they ask you to)

This one should be the one you’ve heard the most. The wedding is about the people who are getting married, and the bride traditionally wears white so basically we don’t wear white to avoid stealing her thunder. Personally, I don’t like to wear black to weddings either. That is a color reserved for a much more somber occasion. The only exception to wearing black is if it is a black tie event (and even then, you don’t have to.)

3. Buy A Gift From The Registry

On the invite, there will be either a list of places the couple is registered or a website where you can find the list. Unless you know the couple REALLY well, buy off of the registry. They took the time to make a list of things they know they need so stick to it! But sometimes, it slips your mind and you go to buy something off of the registry last minute and all of the items in your price range have already been purchased. In that case, a gift card to the store or even cash is a safe way to go.

4. You Have A Year To Send A Gift (But You Should’t Wait That Long)

According to traditional wedding etiquette, you have one year from the wedding date to send a gift. But you absolutely should not wait that long. I say you have 3 months to get the gift to the home of the newlyweds. I understand that sometimes we have financial struggles (trust me, I’ve been there.) So bring a congratulatory card to the wedding, and send a gift when you can.

5. If You Weren’t Given A Plus One, There Is Probably A Reason

If you weren’t given a plus one, don’t ask if you can bring one. Couples make a budget for their special day for EVERYTHING. The dress, the flowers, the venue, the bar, the food…the list goes on and on. So they know exactly how many people they can have there. If your partner’s name is not included on the invitation or where you are directed to RSVP, you do not have a plus one.  


If you can, find out the wedding colors. The last thing you want is to show up looking like a bridesmaid or groomsman!

I hope these tips were helpful! Enjoy wedding season! And don’t forget to have fun!!!

xoxo Sally

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