Last Minute New Years Outfits

Hi friends!

Welcome to the last blog post of 2018! And what a year it’s been…But I’ll get into that another time. Today I’ve got some ideas for last minute New Years outfits!

1. Bling it Up!


Grab any ol’ cute dress and just add bling! A belt, some rings, earrings and you’re all set! And if you’ve got a fun pair of shoes even better!


2. Add Layers


If you want to show off the dress but don’t want to cover it up with a boring jacket (ew), then just throw on a long sleeve underneath and you are all set to go!


3. Pop of Color


If you’re the kind of person who prefers black to sparkles, then all you need to do is grab a statement coat and…BAM! You’re all set to go!


I hope this helps you have a sparkly and colorful New Years Eve celebration! I’ll see you all in the New Year!

xoxo, Sally

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