Milk and Eggs: 2 Quick, Easy and Healthy Meal Options

It’s almost that time again. The gyms are crowded, everyone has new matching workout gear and salads are the only acceptable thing to eat. “New Year, New Me” is on repeat in your head. And all you want is a satisfying meal that isn’t just a plate of greens.

Well I am back with Milk and Eggs and ready to help! I have to super yummy super quick lunch/dinner options to add into your new healthy diet.


First up we have a Turkey Tortilla Roll:

What you’ll need: Whole wheat tortilla, Daiya dairy-free cream cheese spread, Sliced turkey breast, and alfalfa sprouts.

First, lay our your tortilla and spread the cream cheese evenly across it.


Then add in your turkey. (I love this Applegate turkey, it is thick cut and SO yummy)


Add your alfalfa sprouts. They’re perfect for a good crunch but if you don’t like alfalfa, a good crunchy lettuce or cucumber slice will work just as well!


Lastly, roll it up and you are done! Simple, healthy and delicious!


Next up we have a Pita Bread Personal Pizza:

What you’ll need: Pita bread, pizza sauce, shredded cheese, toppings of your choosing.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F.

Start by laying out your pita bread on a piece of foil and spreading the sauce over it.


Then, add the cheese! You can choose to stop here, or…


…You can add toppings! For this one I went with globs of pesto (my fav) and broccoli.


Then, toss that gorgeous creation into the oven for 10-15 minutes. And enjoy!!1



Until next time, friends!

xoxo Sally

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