How To Have A Perfect Weekend In Lake Arrowhead

This past weekend I went on a mini-vacation to Lake Arrowhead and it was perfection. So I thought I’d share a few tips so you can have an amazing weekend too!


– First, you must stop on the way up for a photoshoot with your friends.

– Then, you should stay at house with a view so gorgeous it makes you a little bit angry…

…but also so happy.


– BONUS: Having a pal who can take amazing photos


– DOUBLE BONUS: Have a friend with a cool car to take more amazing photos.


– Go to the Taproom for lunch and get a signature cocktail and a brat.

– In the morning, take a little time for self care. I chose the Pure-Sugar Kona Coffee Scrub from L’Oréal Paris.*


– There’s a wine bar in Lake Arrowhead Village called The Grapevine. The food is as amazing as the view.

– Take some time to chill with your friends.


– Of course, you must walk down to the water.

– Before you leave, take some time for a little recovery.


– But most importantly, go with people who make your heart feel so full that it might explode.

Xoxo Sally


*this scrub was given complimentary for testing purposes.

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