Today I turn 26.

The end of my 25th year was a very hard time. In mid October my grandfather passed away. On November 7th there was a mass shooting at Borderline bar in Thousand Oaks, CA. A town that I called home for 4 years and a bar that I frequented. And on Thursday November 8th, the whole state of California caught on fire. I had friends lose homes. I had friends lose friends.

But through all of this tragedy, I learned how much love and hope there actually is in my world. Friends and family reached out when they heard of my grandpas passing. Communities rallied around Thousand Oaks and the victims families and friends. There are so many fundraisers and foundations for the shooting victims and fire victims that I’ve lost count. (Donate to www.vccf.org)

These tragedies also put the rest of my 25th year into perspective. I moved into a new house with kickass roommates. I went on a once in a lifetime vacation halfway around the world. I started a new job that I love. I watched friends get engaged. I watched friends get married. I spent countless days smiling, laughing and loving with friends and family. Unlimited moments of joy.

I’ve learned to love myself and my body. And I’ve learned that it’s okay not to sometimes. I also learned that being selfish isn’t a bad thing. So for my 26th year I’m going to be more selfish and ask for what I want.

I want more vacations.

I want more family time.

I want more laughter.

More moments.

More love.

xoxo Sally

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