Milk and Eggs: Shakshuka Meal Kit


We are back with another Milk and Eggs recipe! Except this time it’s not my recipe, it’s a prepackaged meal kit! Milk and Eggs has a whole section full of meal kits and recipes that are ready to go. And I’ve always wanted to try one.

I recently fell in love with a show on Netflix called Somebody Feed Phil and if you haven’t watched it yet I highly reccommend it. It’s a travel food show but it’s so fun and funny and he went to a place in Israel where they make Shakshuka. They call the chef Dr Shakshuka and it just looked to delicious. So when I saw a kit for Israeli Shakshuka on Milk and Eggs I knew I had to try it!

The kit comes with a little recipe card that has step by step instructions and a list of the ingredients that are included as well as what you need to have at home. For this recipe it was just a few spices and tomato sauce, things I already had at home. It also came with pita bread, pita chips, hummus and tzatziki.

It was SO easy and SO good. It says it serves 4 but I think you could get away with 6 people.

I highly recommend the meal kits and I cannot wait to try another!!


xoxo Sally

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