Mix It UP and Style Style Style!


I am back with new fashion post! (FINALLY)

When I look at all the magazine images and fashion pins on Pinterest, it’s always a cute girl wearing a white shirt and somehow she looks so much more amazing than I do wearing a white shirt.

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.44.57 PM.png

But if you look at all of these images, it’s all about the styling. Belts that match boots and shirts tucked in and pant legs rolled up. If you can be aware of just one or two of these small things, you can take your simple look to another level. And also, don’t be afraid to mix moods. By that, I mean don’t leave the ripped jeans to casual looks and blazers to business meetings. Change it up and mix it around!

Jeans and heels? YES. Glitter and sneakers? YES. Sweaters and boots? HELL YEAH.


Pairing a casual outfit with a nicer blazer or jacket can completely change the look. It takes you from a day running errands to a snazzy lunch date. And throw on a pair of casual heels and you’re ready for the day!



If you feel like being cozy but you need to look nice, wear a pair of high waisted pants and tuck that baby in! Grab a pair of fancy booties and a nice lipstick and head on out the door!



So go out there and change it up!!!

xoxo Sally

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