Stop Making Excuses About Exercise

“I’m tired.”

“I don’t feel like it.”

“I have to wake up early.”

“I’ll go tomorrow.”

I am guilty of saying these things and others as an excuse to not exercise. And it’s not something that you even realize you’re doing. But once you realize it (and understand the benefits), it’s relatively easy to change from “I don’t really feel like it.” to “I know I’ll feel better.”

If you want to exercise you’ll find what works for you, but this is what works for me:

Personally, I always feel better when I get a good workout in first thing in the morning. Obviously it isn’t always easy to get up before work, but I KNOW that I always feel better when I do. I set out my clothes the night before so I get as much time as possible to sleep in. And I make sure to STRETCH before I even leave my house to get the blood flowing.


I’ve also got a playlist full of BANGERS that help me wake up and get me motivated to work hard. The “Confidence Boost” playlist on Spotify is a go to for me. There’s nothing like a lil Bruno to kickstart your workout.


And of course it never hurts to have an outfit that makes you feel good. This one is from Fabletics and its super comfy and perfect for yoga.


If you want to exercise and get fit and be healthy, there’s nothing stopping you but you.

xoxo Sally

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