Dreaming of Venice

I call this my ” I’m a celebrity on vacation, don’t bother me” outfit. It’s fashionable but it’s also comfortable enough to wear for a day of exploring.


It makes me feel like I’m romping around on a Venetian holiday but it’s also got the 3 C’s. Comfy, casual and cute!


This skirt was a gift but you can easily find lightweight midi skirts all over the place. (Target has a great selection right now.)


The white shirt is a plain Clavin Klein tee just tied up. Another lightweight, transformable shirt. (If you don’t want to show your tummy, you can just as easily tuck it in!)

And if you know me at all, you know I won’t go anywhere without some sort of backpack.


I’ll just be pretending I’m in Italia….

xoxo Sally

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