Anti Valentines Day (Kind Of…)

I’m not really that against Valentine’s Day. I mean I love chocolate and flowers but that can happen any day of the week.

What I don’t like is the expectation that I don’t like it because I am single. Because I am single, I’m supposed to outwardly hate Valentine’s Day and be upset. And because I’m a woman I’m supposed to want to get the Valentine’s Day treatment. If a woman in a relationship says she doesn’t want to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s viewed as a “trick” or a “trap” with the stigma that if she doesn’t receive a big showing of love, she’ll throw a fit.

I am single and I am a woman and I am happy. Rant over.

Happy Valentine’s Day friends 🙂


Now let’s get to the good stuff…CLOTHES!!!


This jacket is the best jean jacket on the planet. My mom made it for my dad and it’s covered with their memories and pictures of my family. Technically it’s not mine, but it’s living in my closet so…



And how amazing and happy is this yellow door!?



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