A gray sweater at the top of the world

I was driving up to Arrowhead for a weekend away and my friend and I just had to stop and take pictures of this view.


Thankfully I was wearing a blog worthy outfit so I was able to snap a few pics to share with you guys! (Details at the bottom of the post)


This is the look is the perfect example of how easy it is to elevate an outfit with a few layers. All I did was pair a long sweater with a flannel, threw on some bling and voila!


And NEVER be afraid of see through sweaters. Why do you think they make bralettes that are so cute!!


This sweater and the flannel are from Brandy Melville.

The bralette is from Old Navy.

Jeans are Forever 21 and the shoes were a lucky find at Marshalls.

xoxo Sally

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