Adventure Is Out There


Shooting in this location made me feel like going on an adventure or a camping trip or doing something outdoorsy. Although I suppose having a photoshoot here counts as outdoorsy right?


This type of skirt is very in this season and especially this fall. Heavier fabrics on bottom (jean, suede, velvet, etc.) are what everyone’s looking for. And in the fall you can pair them with tights and boots and scarves and just be cozy as heck.


This skirt was a gift from a friend so I couldn’t tell you where it’s from but you can find similar versions here and here. The shirt is an old fav from Forever 21, as is the jacket. And the shoes were a steal from Marshall’s.

The sunnies are from Amazon and all the jewelry is from Forever 21.


Don’t forget to be adventurous 🙂


xoxo Sally

** all photographs taken by LuLu Jane Photography **

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