The past is making a comeback…


So in case you haven’t noticed, fashion from previous decades is making a comeback. Chokers and high waists and so much more. Some people think is uncreative and boring but I think that if you make it your own and twist it the right way then it has the potential to be great.

My sweater and jeans are from Forever 21. You can find a similar sweater here.


I have been loving the choker trend and as much as I love the ones that all the stores have now, if you’re on a budget, a ribbon from a fabric store is a great substitution.


Backpacks are also making a comeback. I got this one from Amazon and they have a lot of other great options. Plus backpacks are so much better than purses, they keep your hands free for so many activities.


The past is making a strong comeback so don’t knock it til you try it folks!

xoxo Sally

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