Why chokers and lace up tops are the best


Just going to start off by saying that shooting at this setting made me feel like a fairy and I love it. Also I talk about ta-ta’s and uniboobs in this post so don’t say I didn’t warn ya!


Now that that’s out of the way…everyone knows that lace ups and chokers are HUGE right now. And if you didn’t know than then thank goodness you found me.


Chokers were big in the 90s and are making a major comeback right now. I like them because they accentuate your neck which makes one of the smallest parts of your body stand out. I have a large chest and swimmers shoulders so I like them because they show off my slender neck and collarbones.

And the lace up is sexy for one big obvious reason, it shows of the ta-ta’s…Sorry mom but it’s true!


Like I said before, I have a large…upper region…and wearing a lace up top helps to break up the potential for a uni-boob before it even starts.


That’s all the ta-ta advice that I have for now…


xoxo Sally

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