Photoshoot with Marvin Yan


A little while ago, a friend of a friend was looking for a subject for a photoshoot. Luckily, my friend thought of me and I of course said yes! As a blogger, I was excited to have free content to post, and as a photographer I was excited because he was shooting with a Mamiya RB67 with Kodak Portrait 400 film. And if you don’t know what the means, it looks like this:

The following is a collection of photos from this session with my friend Marvin 🙂

Enjoy and be sure to follow Marvin on Instagram!





Outfit 1: The red tank is from Forever 21 and the Floral Skirt was a thrift store find. Check out this post to see where I got my shoes!

Outfit 2: The top is another thrift store find and the pants are from Target, but lets be real you can find classic black skinny’s anywhere. And the shoes are from Forever 21.

Outfit 3: This white top is from Marshalls and you can find a similar one here and the pants are from Forever 21.

And here’s some behind the scenes from the shoot:

Sometimes you just gotta provide your own light
Waiting for my husband to return from war…


It took me a while to share these photos because I wasn’t happy with my body image at the time they were taken. But I had a little soul searching moment and started working out and eating healthier and treating my body better and now I am in a much better place with myself and my body image.

xoxo Sally

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