HARD Summer 2016

This past weekend I went to the HARD Summer Music Festival in Fontana. This year was the fourth year attending HARD Summer and as usual, I had an amazing time.

However, there were a few things that I didn’t like. The venue was by far the worst that I’ve been to. It was very difficult to navigate and it was way to big. I didn’t mind the volume of people, it was just that there was one entrance to each stage and no way around it. It also took at the very minimum and hour to get through the security line. I’m all about being safe and checking everyone but it was like they increased the amount of festival goers but they didn’t increase the security or staff. Plus it wasn’t shaded at all and you weren’t allowed to bring in water or sunscreen. So they were forcing everyone into a huge crowd, in the sun, with no water and no sun protection. If they were really promoting safety the way that they claim they are, then they should start at the beginning of the experience.

But enough of the negative! The line up was great and the sound at all the stages was great too. And once you were inside the festival there were water stations and cooling stations everywhere.

Overall, it wasn’t my favorite HARD event that I’ve been to, but I definitely had an amazing time. Check out my video below to see!

xoxo Sally

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