Pink Hair

So in case you hadn’t noticed, my hair is a bit different.

The decision process to dye my hair pink was not a very long one. A few weeks before I dyed my hair for the first time, I saw this photo and instantly fell in love.


I started doing more research into pink hair and mermaid hair and was sucked into the world of colored hair. It’s a pretty great place I must say. At first, I was thinking of doing just highlights or just have the color underneath. Then I moved onto dying it to light pink that people would be thinking, “is it pink?” I didn’t decide until a few days before my appointment that I was going to go full pink.
There was always the fear that I would end up like one of the  internet horror stories where everything goes wrong:
The first time I dyed it, it was the PERFECT cotton candy pink, but it ended up fading in less than two weeks because I went to Coachella a week after I had it done and I was in the sun all day plus washing it everyday (because of all the dust and smoke and all that fun stuff). So when I went in to get it fixed, we decided to go pinker and I couldn’t love it more!
It was perfect timing for me because I’m young and still on the journey to find myself, plus I work for a hair tool company so if there was anytime to go crazy with my hair it’s now!
If anyone is considering dying their hair a fun or crazy color I say go for it. Plus if you hate it, you can always go back!
But you should really listen to Spongebob:
xoxo Sally

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