Coachella 2016

If you’re ever looking for a face of pure bliss, look for me at Coachella.


It was my third year (so I’m a seasoned pro) but it was also the first year I went without my brother which felt kinda weird. So I’d say that it would’ve been the best year yet if he were there!

I will say that it started a bit rocky because when I tried to scan my wristband to get in, the scanner beeped the bad kind of beep and I was sent over to customer service. They told me (after an hour of waiting) that my wrist band was registered to another person and reported as lost or stolen. Of course this shocked me since I bought my wristband with MY credit card on MY Coachella account through the Coachella website on the payment plan (last May!) and they sent it to MY house! So I showed them all of my email receipts and they finally realized that they had sent someone else’s wristband to my house so they gave me a new one.

Once that nightmare was over I was free to enter and had no problems the rest of the weekend! I was free to enjoy all of the glory that was Coachella and I soaked up every minute of it.

I always complain about not seeing any celebrities and this year the curse was finally broken! We saw Jaden Smith, Joe Jonas, Donny Wahlberg and Jared Leto all hanging out in the VIP areas. We also saw a lot of special guest performers. I missed Seal performing with Gallant and I missed Kanye TWICE but I saw Sam Smith so ALL IS RIGHT WITH THE WORLD. We also saw RiRi perform with Calvin Harris and Kristin Wiig and Paul Feig with Sia. And then with Ice Cube there was an N.W.A reunion (minus Dr Dre so did it really count?) and Snoop Dogg.



Besides the music, there was also a ton of amazing art and food and fashion. The sheer/mesh maxi dress was ALL THE RAGE this year. Plus the double buns were all over the place as well. I rocked them on the third day and kinda went for an alien look. I also took pictures of them all day and they turned out to be a pretty cool series.


Day One OOTD:

Day Two OOTD:

Day Three OOTD:

Over all, I had an AMAZING time with some of the best people I know (shout out to SuperSolidSquad aka S-Cubed aka Ryan and Shawn and Annie). I can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

xoxo Sally

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